that’s it

31 08 2008

i’ve tried 3 times now to post pictures from our trip, and every time something has gone wrong and hasn’t worked.  i may post pictures later, but i’m done trying for today!


the motherland

25 08 2008

well, we’re back. sigh. our little trip to red lake was way too short, but it was a whole lot o’ fun! my entire family was there; we were gathered from phoenix, columbus, winnipeg and madagascar, and we hadn’t all been together since kim and jose’s wedding two years ago! way too long. it was great seeing my eight adorable nieces, and talking with my sisters, brothers-in-law and parents. of course, we ate tons of good food, including walleye, and had fun cooking it together. we went fishing (obviously) a couple of times, went swimming, kneeboarding, skiing, sat around talking…did i mention we ate good food? we did. we came back with a lot of pictures, and i’m not really sure how i’ll choose which ones to post. i don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the cuteness of my nieces! 🙂 i’ll have to choose carefully. and, i should get going right now, so i’ll have to post the pictures later.


14 08 2008

tomorrow we’re leaving for our vacation in red lake!!!  i’m so excited, but there’s a lot to do before we leave.  no time for blogging; i should be doing laundry, packing, cleaning…all that fun stuff.  oh well, it’s worth it!

for those who asked:

6 08 2008

kirk’s team got third place in the tournament on saturday.  they did very well, but after about 6 hours of running around (a lot) in the heat kirk was feeling a little sick.  he had fun, though.

i found one pair of shorts on my big shopping trip, and zero shirts.  kind of disappointing.  but i found two shirts yesterday, so it’s all working out.  thanks for caring and wishing me well. 🙂

i’m so completely uninspired to write at the moment.  i thought maybe if i got started the inspiration would set in and i would write a nice, long post.  not happening.  i think what i really need is a little nap.  sorry, people.

i think i’m going to like today

2 08 2008

i even got to bed early enough last night that when my alarm went off this morning, i didn’t dread getting up!  i don’t usually set my alarm on a day off, but my ultimate-frisbee-playing husband has The Tournament today.  he’s been playing in a city league every monday night this summer, and today they’re finishing up with a tournament.  he’s done very well (she said unbiasedly), even though this is the first organized ultimate frisbee he’s ever played.  so, i will be going over to the fields pretty soon to cheer him on.

later, i plan to scour a couple of stores for some more shirts of the larger sort.  maybe i’ll get lucky and find a pair of shorts too.  i don’t promise to love that part of the day.  shopping is not my favorite thing; it’s just a necessary evil.

and the weather is just gorgeous today!  it will probably be blazing hot later on, but it is beautiful right now.  so there, angie, you better like this post better than the last one!