30 09 2008

i think we’re having a normal week of REACH training.  i think.  every week we’ve told one person or another, ‘oh, this isn’t normally how things are; just wait until ________ when things slow down a bit.’  and then that doesn’t really happen.  everyone’s definitely more in the groove of things now and it feels slightly slower, but, because of the larger amount of people this year, i don’t think it’ll get much slower than it is now.  oh well.  i don’t usually like blogging about work, so that’s all i’m going to say about that.  and don’t get me wrong; i’m not complaining.  i think i’m just still surprised at how busy training is this year.  that’s all.

kirk went to a men’s retreat with our church this past weekend.  the women’s retreat is the weekend of october 24.  hmmm…what else is october 24?  oh yeah, my due date!  but really, that’s okay.  i’d rather have a baby.  or sit around thinking about having a baby, as it may (or may not) turn out.

anyway, the kirk-less weekend was doable, but not ideal.  it’s really funny how used to being around each other ALL the time we are!  it’s not that i want to be one of those sappy, co-dependent, ‘i-can’t-live-five- minutes-without-my-husband’ kind of wives, but it’s this job’s fault!  i’m merely a product of my environment.  we definitely don’t stop each other from these kind of occasional getaways, and i have every intention of being okay with not having him around.  but then, suddenly i go to ask him something or something happens that i wish he could see/hear/whatever, or i have a thought that needs to be bounced off of him, and he’s not there!  and then i think ‘oh crap!  i am so spoiled.’  so when we’re not here anymore and he actually has to go to work from 9-5, do you think that i could just go hang out with him?  yeah, probably not.  anyway, it somehow makes me feel not as pathetic when he says it’s the same for him.  so i really like my husband; is that so bad?!  🙂

friday night i got to babysit noah and nakeah (my nephew and niece) and after they were in bed i got to eat ice cream and watch the food network.  it was terribly relaxing.  the next day wasn’t as good, but i did get a very long nap in and watched football and made pancakes for myself for supper.  also, more ice cream.

sunday in church i was pretty encouraged.  the pastor asked people to share things that God has done for them recently.  it really blew me away.  he was talking about how we should specifically ask for things (not  like ‘i want a pony’), and how God (of course) is able to answer specifically.  it was pretty awesome to hear what people had been experiencing recently.

also, i got to be part of the worship team for the first time since we’ve been going there and it was good to play and sing again.  a little awkward with the belly, but good.

you all left some very, very nice comments on the last post, so thanks!


the belly

23 09 2008

apparently some people are curious as to my present size and state of the belly.  i had kirk take this picture on sunday morning just so your curiosity could be satisfied.

also, i am 4 1/2 weeks from my due date (oct. 24)!  it’s just crazy how time is flying by.  we are thick into REACH training and i cannot seem to make life slow down.  oh well, i don’t want time to go too slowly either, b/c this baby needs to come before too long!

it’s funny, b/c some people think i’m sooo big and some people say they can’t believe i’m 8 months pregnant.  what do you think, am i smaller or bigger than you would’ve expected?  (by the way, every appointment i hear that everything is just fine, normal, etc.)

how my life is changing

8 09 2008

something very strange happened last night.  it was one of those things that i didn’t think would be that big of a deal until it actually happened.  we already have a crib, a changing table, a baby bathtub, some baby clothes…but i wasn’t prepared for the feelings that come from buying The Travel System.  karissa went on craigslist(.com, if you’re not familiar with it) and found us a deal on this travel system that’s going to be just the perfect one for us.  hopefully.  anyway, after negotiating the price a bit, kirk and i went to pick it up.  it was in excellent shape and we happily and innocently brought it home with us.  i started getting a crazy feeling as we drove home, but i didn’t think too much about it.  this morning though, when i came downstairs and saw it just hanging out in our house, like it belongs there, i suddenly realized that i couldn’t stop thinking about it!  i just can’t quite comprehend that we actually need one of those.  all of the other things that people have given us were given quite early in the pregnancy, so it was easy to think “oh yeah, someday we’ll use these.”  but when i see the stroller and the carseat i think “we’ll be using those things next month (or early november at the latest).  NEXT MONTH!!!  and then when i got into the car this morning to get groceries, i saw the base of the carseat in the back and i knew then and there that this is the real deal.  very soon we’ll be bringing home a little person in a little carseat that will snap into that very base.  i hope it’s a good base.

so, now you’re probably wondering “are you excited about the baby?”  i’m very excited, yes.  i’m a little nervous too, but i really can’t wait to meet our first little offspring!  and we have our names all picked out (we’re not telling), so that is very exciting too!  i get kicked many, many times a day, and it always makes me wonder what kind of personality this little guy/girl has.  will he/she be hyper?  b/c it sure seems like it sometimes!  will there be lots of curly brown hair? 🙂  i know, everyone is sure there will be.  hmmm…there’s just so much to wonder about.  yeah, i’m really ready for this baby to come!  and probably totally unprepared.

at least we have a travel system.

pics of my nieces…finally

2 09 2008

my two oldest nieces, ready for a tea party

what an angel…sometimes 🙂

the twins, also ready for a tea party

look at those eyes!  and yes, this is The Tea Party

how do you say no to a face like that?

no, she doesn’t always wear the scarf.  yes, robyn has a child with blue eyes. 🙂