this baby is due any minute now

24 10 2008

what?  you mean my baby might not be born right on the due date???  i guess i should calm down, unpack the bag, stop buying things on craigslist…and apparently, i should start eating pizza hut, eggplant parmigiana, and chinese food.  and soaking my feet in…something which i forget at the moment.  or maybe i’ll just sit around staring at the wall and waiting.  the eating sounds more fun.  we actually just had brunch with all the REACHers.  it was biscuits and sausage gravy, hashbrowns and honeydew, and it was very tasty.  we don’t usually have brunch on friday, but they’re leaving for their silent retreat for the weekend so the schedule’s a little different.  and kirk and i figured we’d better stay a little closer to the hospital this weekend, just to be safe.

friends of ours from church gave us tickets to see the ohio state vs. penn state game tomorrow night, and yes, i am planning on going! 🙂  kirk is a little unsure about letting me, but i have never been to an osu (football, for those who wonder) game and i am pretty determined to go.  of course, the baby may come before then and that would be great.  or the baby may come during the game, and that would make a good story.  someday.

happy due date, everyone!


i’m not in the hospital

19 10 2008

just to get straight to the point. 🙂  so yeah, no baby yet!  yesterday was kirk’s birthday so we missed that possibility, which he was hoping for.  he seems to be just fine with it though.

it was a great day, in my opinion, which doesn’t count b/c it wasn’t my birthday.  but he said it was one of his favorite birthdays, and i’m guessing it was mostly b/c of the food? 🙂  also, there were some great friends involved too, so maybe that’s why.  so back to the food.  i brought him his favorite breakfast in bed, which is crepes.  these particular crepes were filled with bluberries (of the freakishly huge, almost tasteless, american sort), for those (my sisters) who want food details.  in the afternoon some friends came over to watch the osu game, and then we had the Birthday Feast.  I had marinated some small steaks as well as a pork tenderloin, which kirk grilled to perfection.  and don’t feel bad that he had to grill on his own birthday; that was what he requested.  we also had salad, potatoes romanoff (our wedding potatoes) and corn casserole.  oh wait, and the most important part: mocha cheesecake for dessert.  you probably read over “corn casserole” like “blah blah” or something of that sort, which is too bad.  this corn casserole is a gift from heaven (via renee byler), so you should go ahead and make it sometime.

well, that’s about it.  the due date is friday, if you forgot!  oh yeah, i will also post a picture of the baby’s room, per marcia’s request.  if you’re wondering why we didn’t paint it all up like a nursery, it’s b/c we’re just moving out of this house at the end of this year.  so why bother?  also, if you’re wondering what the crazy marks all over the walls are, those (i guess) are cracks in the plaster that are covered up with drywall mud.  you actually can’t really see them in real life.  i’m not sure why they showed up so vividly on the picture.  weird…

the requested update

13 10 2008

so i basically promised rhonda that i’d blog last night, but then i went to get the laptop and kirk had taken it with him.  so there’s my excuse.  i know i have some things to blog about, which mom reminded me of the other day, so i will try to get all caught up here.

on saturday (oct. 4) i had my very first baby shower, and it was a lot of fun!  it consisted of feasting on delicious waffles with different toppings (including brooke’s famous sausage gravy, which i can’t get over), visiting with friends, no games, and opening gifts.  do my friends know me or what?

on sunday (oct. 5) i had another shower, which was put on by people from church.  it was a lot of fun too… there was apple pie, sweet potato pie, chocolate cake and pumpkin bread.  we played a game, which was probably the best shower game i’ve heard of so far, called ‘candy bar baby.’  it was not the one with melted candy bars in diapers.  it’s too long to explain, but you can click on the link and see what it is.  they also each decorated a onesie with puffy paint, which was very creative!  maybe i should post pictures of them sometime.  also, at both showers they gathered around me and prayed for me/us, so that was really great.

so anyway, it was a weekend full of showers, and i really, really enjoyed both of them.  i felt very loved all weekend.  thanks, friends!  then there was the organizing of the baby’s room, which kirk and i both did.  that was fun, and made us both feel more ready.

robyn and daryl and the kids came for a few days last week, and we had loads of fun with them!  the kids had fun exploring all the rooms in the house (they especially liked the attic for some reason), and we had fun drinking coffee and talking with robyn and daryl.  and eating, of course.  one of my highlights was introducing them to jeni’s ice cream at the north market, and seeing them appreciate it as much as we do! 🙂  another highlight was sitting on the deck with them and just talking about our lives.  of course, it was so much fun to be with those cute little girls too!  unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures!  my cousin, delores, and her family came over for dessert on wednesday evening, and we finally took a couple of pictures of all of the girls, but other than that we totally failed in the picture-taking department.  oh well.

this past weekend was kind of crazy…friday afternoon we had eye appointments, and then we were scheduled to do a hospital tour at 5 pm.  however, they were moving around like a bunch of snails during our eye appointments, and suddenly it was 4:30 and kirk hadn’t had a chance to pick out new frames.  i was trying to be patient while telling them we were in a hurry, but by the time we finished paying an arm and leg we were clearly going to be very late to the tour.  anyway, we ended up calling and rescheduling for the next morning, and now we are all toured up.

sunday we had a great venezuelan breakfast with friends, went to church, went to a wedding, and then came HOME.  oh, by the way, we had about 20 people sleep at our house on saturday night, and about 10 or so people sleep there last night. 🙂  there was a wedding (as i mentioned) and we offered our house as a place for the groom’s family to stay.  wow, it was a lot of people!  actually,  it was fairly easy, because i didn’t cook for them or anything and we spent saturday night at lenny and christina’s so we didn’t have to compete for the shower on sunday morning.  also, they cleaned and did laundry before they left this morning, so that was fantastic.

alright, i think that’s enough for now since this is a mile long.  oh by the way, we are 11 days from the due date!