a little update

29 11 2008

i’m really not sure where to start, which is what happens when you wait so long between blog posts.  mayah is currently in her swing fighting sleep as though she thinks she will win a million dollars if she can keep her eyes open.  she does that quite a bit.  i suppose everyone wants pictures, so maybe i’ll try to come up with some.  the picture taking has slowed down since she was first born (one month ago, by the way!!!), but of course we still whip out the camera now and then.  she smiled right at me this morning when i said hi to her!  that was pretty fun.

this year has been different in that i’ve been able to see my family quite a bit more than usual.  let me make a list.  we’ve seen:

  • kim and jose – spring break in arizona
  • mom and dad, kim and jose – family reunion at rosedale in july
  • everyone except kim and jose – rachel’s wedding in indiana in august
  • everyone – vacation in red lake in august
  • robyn and daryl – here, on their way to PA in october
  • robyn and daryl – here, on their way back from PA in october
  • rhonda and matthew – at the hospital on october 29 on their way through ohio
  • mom and dad – here to meet mayah in november
  • kim – here to meet mayah in november
  • rhonda and matthew – here to meet mayah and hang out with us in november
  • everyone – when we go to kansas for christmas

it’s been great!  rhonda and matthew were just here, actually, and left yesterday.  we had a lot of fun with them, although we really didn’t do anything terribly exciting.  rhonda was such a lifesaver when it came to thanksgiving dinner!  she did a lot of cooking (and diaper changing) otherwise, but let’s face it, if she hadn’t been around for thanksgiving dinner i’m not sure what time we would’ve ended up eating!  she and i got to go out shopping for a little bit yesterday morning.  i enjoyed telling her my dreams from the night before on the way there (and hearing hers) and laughing (loudly) about them.  okay, so maybe that sounds strange, but my sisters and i love to tell our dreams and none of our husbands have any appreciation for it!  it’s so unfortunate.  kirk has suggested to me that my sisters and i should have a dream blog where, when we have a really great dream to share, we blog about it instead of telling our husbands.  i personally think it’s very character-building for our husbands to have to listen to our dreams.  plus, we can continue helping each of them work on their sense of humor.



thanksgiving dinner



mayah’s birth

14 11 2008


it all started on the evening of monday, october 27, 2008.  well, technically, it all started about 40 weeks earlier, but you know what i mean.  kirk was working on his homework in the dining room and i was laying on the couch watching the world series.  i wasn’t particularly interested in the world series this year, but there was nothing else on, and besides that, the phillies were likely wrapping it up with that game anyway.  as i watched, i started to realize that i was getting more and more uncomfortable.  by about 9:30 i realized i was having contractions (although i was still kind of doubting myself) so i started timing them.  they were six minutes apart, but they only lasted 30 seconds or so and they weren’t painful.  just uncomfortable.  i just kept timing them and timing them until about an hour and a half went by.  i just wanted to be sure!  but i still wasn’t.  about the time i realized how long i’d been timing them, it was looking like the game was rained out so i turned off the tv.  i notified my studious husband that these were really real (…probably) and we should get everything ready for the hospital…just in case the contractions don’t stop when we go to bed.  by the time we got everything organized and ready to go it was about midnight, and then we went to bed.  did we sleep?  no way!  we kept timing them and timing them and i realized they were getting stronger, but i was hoping we could still get some sleep in before we left.  kirk slept, but i just laid there (yes, i was still timing them!).  finally, they were painful(ish), about 45 seconds to a minute long, and 3 minutes apart.  okay, said i, it’s time to call this thing in.  so, i awakened kirk and told him i was going to make the call.  and i did make the call, and by the time all our stuff got loaded into the car and we left and everything was in motion and there was no turning back now and we were both nervous and excited and it was almost 2 am.  so, we missed the 27th (sorry angie and christina!).  on the way to the hospital, we made a couple of phone calls to let our families know what was going on.  right before we got there, kim waited quietly on the other end while i had a contraction.  i wasn’t sure if i should be having contractions on the phone, but i did anyway.

once we got all checked in and they checked me and everything, they let us know that we could stay (“i can tell it’s the real thing; you have that look in your eye” she kept saying to me.), but she also let us know that we needed to walk the halls for one hour to keep things moving (i wasn’t dilated very far yet).  so we walked and paused for contractions (very painful now) and made it through the hour eventually, and when we got back she said i was 4-5 cm dilated!  woo hoo!  so we went to labour and delivery and settled in and then another nurse came and checked me and said “what??? 4-5 cm?  not even close.”  well that’s discouraging.  but at least i knew not to try any pushing just yet (i’m kidding).

we had an awesome nurse named renee that was with us from 7 am to 3 pm and she was just sure that the baby would be born before her shift was over.  i only wish it had gone that quickly.  things just progressed very slowly and mayah was just not quite ready to move down so we waited and waited.  around 11 am or noon (i’m starting to forget these things!) i got an epidural.  before, i was just trying to survive, but after the epidural we talked with renee and watched the food network and slept here and there.  by the way, i hadn’t eaten since the night before at about 8:30 when i made a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich while i was watching the baseball game.  no, it wasn’t a pregnancy craving; i’ve always liked pb & pickle sandwiches.  so, i was ravenous the entire time in l&d.  they gave me popcicles and ice chips…mmm.  so watching the food network was kind of torturous, yet it was as close to eating real food that i could get.  it was at least remotely satisfying.

renee let us know that we would probably end up having a c section since things were moving so slowly.  as soon as she left kirk and i prayed that we would not have to have a c section and that things would start moving faster.  next time she checked me, she said i was 6 cm!  and then next time they checked me i was 9 cm! woo hoo!

a new nurse, beverly, took over for renee at 3 pm, and she was great too.  finally, around 5ish (when i was 9 cm) i began to think about pushing.  i started pushing at 5:52 pm and 18 minutes later at 6:10, my little girl was born and it was over!  she was 7 lb. 7 oz. and 21 inches.  she had quite the conehead when she popped out, but wow, she was just the cutest thing i’d ever seen!  she still is.  i’d say the proof is at the top of this post.

mayah grace

5 11 2008


daddy and mayah


img_3828mayah with papa and grandma nisly

she was one week old yesterday and is doing great!  when she was weighed yesterday she had gained 6 oz since leaving the hospital on thursday, so she’s eating well.  she has been a pretty laid back baby and is the sweetest thing i’ve ever met (and i’m not biased).  kirk and i are doing well, and trying to get sleep at every opportunity. 🙂  thanks everyone for your emails, facebook comments, etc.; it’s nice to know you’re all thinking of us!

by the way, her name is pronounced MY-uh.  in arabic it means ‘princess,’ in hebrew it means ‘close to God,’ and, as we discovered after she was born, in ojibwe it means ‘exactly right.’