mayah talking

30 01 2009

mayah – 12 weeks old

21 01 2009



this one just cracks me up!  it would be perfect if her pinky was up at the corner of her mouth.




susannah came over and made pasta yesterday.  i even got to try my hand at making some, which was great!  we had fettuccine alfredo for lunch and lasagna for supper.  yummo.



8 01 2009

i’m not even sure i remember how to do this anymore, but i’ll give it a shot.  a lot has happened since i last posted.  oh yes.  a lot.  i guess i missed all of december, but who’s keeping track anyway?

christmas vacation was pretty incredible.  we were sooo busy in november packing up our house and wrapping things up at the SEND house that we were very ready for some relaxation.  we headed out to kansas to be with my mom’s family for over a week, and my entire immediate family was there (part of the time) so that was just the greatest thing!  i had so much fun with my sisters and then, of course, it was really hard to say good bye since robyn and daryl are now much farther away in nova scotia and matthew and rhonda are going back to madagascar for two more years.  thankfully kim and jose are close by in phoenix and mom and dad are just around the corner in red lake. 🙂  anyway, we had a great time and weren’t quite sure we were ready to get back to the real world here in ohio.

but, we came back anyway and moved into our new abode.  for those who don’t know: we aren’t at our house anymore; we are staying with kenton and karissa for awhile.  it’s kind of an in between place for us while we figure out what we’re doing and where we want to live, etc.  it’s been great so far!  we haven’t had any fights or anything…although karissa forced me to make bread already.  she is kind of mean, but i suppose i can put up with it for awhile.  especially if she makes things with green chiles every now and then.

kirk got a tutoring job and starts orientation tomorrow, which is good news!  he’s also in school (very much full time), so he is going to be busy.  spring quarter should be a little lighter for him and then he’ll graduate!!!  that will be exciting for us.

mayah’s doing well and growing like crazy!  it seems like her looks are changing so fast; i’m scared she’s going to stand up and start walking any minute now.  probably not though.  she’s quite a smiley little thing, and her latest feat is to push herself up like she’s doing push ups and look around with her expression of pure curiosity.  she’s just on the verge of laughing, i think, but i’m almost sure i heard her laugh in her sleep already.  she also ‘talks’ when you talk to her, which is just so entertaining to me!

well, i’m starting to feel like i’m writing one of those news letters that everyone sends out about this time of year.  well, everyone but us.  someday…some sweet day…i plan to actually take a family picture, maybe send out some christmas cards, write up a little news letter…someday.  but, as i told angie, don’t hold your breath.  for now you’ll have to settle for this.

well, that’s about all i’ve got this time.  oh yeah, except for these pictures.

mayah smiling at grandma nisly


the look of curiosity


the look of un-curiosity