you should be so lucky

25 02 2009

did you know we live in an attic right now?  it’s funny how people react when they hear that.  a little pity, kind of uncomfortable maybe; sometimes people are just really interested in what exactly that means.  basically, we’re staying with kirk’s brother and his family until…not sure, but probably until kirk graduates in the spring.  anyway, “it’s a finished attic,” as i always say, since most people picture a dark space with exposed insulation everywhere and a plywood floor.  it’s kind of funny how i try to make people feel better about us living in an attic!  i think it’s because i tend to be a people pleaser.  weird.  as if everyone needs to feel good about my living situation.

i’ve really been fine with us living here since we moved at the end of december.  i don’t feel trapped or depressed or anything terrible like that, which i’m thankful for.  we have our cozy little space up here, and whenever we want (which is often) we can roam around the rest of the house and feel perfectly at home.  it’s nice.  it’s also nice that karissa and i take turns cooking and watching each other’s kids and lots of convenient things like that.

kirk has been crazy busy since christmas; he’s taking 20 credit hours at osu, he’s on call a lot as a spanish medical interpreter and he also tutors a student in spanish twice a week.  between classes, studying, writing papers, going on interpreting calls and tutoring…actually, i’m not sure if there is any “between.”  but, wow! i am so proud of him for doing all of that and still being an awesome husband and dad.  i know, he’s incredible.  what? you don’t believe me?  we go on a date once a week and we sit down together almost every night to talk for at least a little while.  also, he puts mayah down for the night pretty much every night.  okay, so maybe you did believe me, but i just wanted to brag about him a little.

last night during supper, while kirk was on an interpreting call, i imagined how it would be if we didn’t live here in this attic right now while kirk’s so busy.  i realized i would be so bored and probably a little lonely if mayah and i just sat at home by ourselves every time he had to go on a call or to class or whatever.  so, i thought to myself, we would have never made it our first choice to live in kenton and karissa’s attic for this time in our lives (no offense), but apparently God knew it would be good for us right now.  so, maybe i’m just an optimist, but i feel pretty good about living in this attic right now.

also, i think i’m going to write a book called “chicken soup for the attic-dwellers soul.”  (don’t worry, i’m just kidding)


happy valentine’s day

14 02 2009

so by now you’re probably all thinking ‘okay, i’ve seen mayah and she’s really cute, but how in the world is her mother doing???’  i know, it’s plaguing you and i will now put every mind at ease.  i am doing just fine.  i would love to regale you with awesome stories of all my latest adventures, but…i don’t want to bore anyone.  i just came back from the grocery store!  is that awesome or what? grocery shopping on a saturday night.  and valentine’s day too.  don’t worry, kirk and i went out last night.  cupid must be fluttering around other parts of the world right now, because kirk’s doing homework and i’m doing this and, well, let’s just say there have been more romantic situations.  and mayah is sitting in her bouncy seat, frantically kicking her legs and staring crazily at her hands, wondering if they are for sure her’s.  i think she’s kicking because she knows she needs to practice keeping boys away on future valentine’s days.  it should work, as long she doesn’t look as cute as she does right now.

speaking of mayah, she started rolling over the other day!  what a kid.  the problem is that she doesn’t like to sleep that way, but she does it during the night and during naps.  so, she really needs to learn to sleep both ways, because i do not (and neither does kirk) want to get up 50 bazillion times to flip her back over so she stops crying and goes back to sleep (like we did last night).  man, it’s like having a newborn again!  and i was really enjoying sleeping through the night…

so, i’m not sure what else there is to tell…maybe i’ll just post a couple of pictures.



another video

6 02 2009