30 03 2009

yikes, it’s been awhile!  but i have a great excuse.  i don’t feel like telling what it is, though.  kirk was on spring break last week, which was great, but it flew by so quickly.  also, my parents were here for a few days, which was also great and also flew by quickly.  it was so fun to see mayah with them since they, obviously, don’t get to see her often.  we didn’t do anything terribly exciting while they were here, but we did see a few sights.  can you believe we were at the north market with them and yet did not partake of the goodness of jeni’s ice cream?!?  it’s scandalous, i tell you.

i dropped my phone on saturday, and now nobody can hear me when i’m on the phone with them.  it’s quite sad, since that really helps out a conversation.  everything else about the phone works just fine.  what a shame.

mayah is continuing to grow up at an alarming rate.  i can’t believe how fast she grows into and out of clothes!  crazy.  she scoots around backwards on her belly, but she’s not tried crawling just yet.  she’s just 5 months and 2 days old, so i’m very unworried.  she has a bottle at various times–tonight being one of them–and tonight i pulled it out of her mouth to see what she would do.  well, what else would she do?  first, she got this look on her face like “are you kidding me?”  then, she grabbed it with both hands and put it back in her mouth!  i just let her go ahead and hold that bottle all by herself.  what a kid.  she’s also loooving the doorway jumper thingy, which i will post a video of shortly.  or maybe right now, because i can’t think of anything else to write about.

grandma nisly with mayah


papa nisly with mayah


mayah, looking so grown up to me



jumping…sort of

14 03 2009

she thinks she’s big stuff in this thing, but it just swallows her up!

i can’t help it…

4 03 2009

renee did an awesome job taking pictures of mayah a couple of weeks ago, and i just can’t resist putting one or two on here.  why would i resist? you ask…because if i post pictures i don’t feel as inclined to actually print them and send them out.  anyway, don’t worry, grandmas, you’ll get some in the mail before too long!



that’s my curious little girl!  thanks, renee!