mayah sitting up

30 04 2009

she’s been doing pretty well sitting up, but she always topples over eventually! she’s a little serious in this one because it’s almost nap time.


mayah with great-grandma horst

30 04 2009


8 04 2009

waaay back in october 2007, rhonda posted a recipe that i never tried until today.  now, i feel as though i wasted that whole year and a half by not making them. 🙂   anway, you MUST make them as asap as possible (the office, anyone?)!  you can see the comment i left if you want to see exactly how i made them.  here are The Incredible Muffins.  good job, rhonda!

mayah “eating” cereal

6 04 2009

i guess this is going to take a little practice. 🙂

self-portrait with the phone

1 04 2009