wait a minute…

31 05 2009

so, if i want the better deal, i have to buy each piece seperately???  http://columbus.craigslist.org/hsh/1196897588.html it’s just so confusing…


mayah and the photo shoot

25 05 2009

we were at a cookout friday evening when our home group leader asked if he could practice using his new flash by photographing mayah.  (and, actually, he’s been talking about photographing her for awhile now.)  it was fun!  she was quickly approaching her time to go to bed, but she did really well.  great job, peter!  and the link…

i like pancakes

22 05 2009

i’m not sure i remember how to do this anymore.  wait, have i written that before?  probably, seeing how i go for weeks without updating.  probably b/c i usually decide to “quickly” check facebook first, and then i end up spending at least 20 minutes reading status updates, looking at new photo albums, ignoring a bajillion requests, accepting one (and then wondering why i did), blah blah blah, ad nauseam.  sigh.  i’m just such a victim.  a facebook victim.

well, i’m happy to report that we are no longer stowed away in an attic!  and just in time, b/c warm weather=sweltering attic.  we had an a/c up there, so it wasn’t terrible.  and we are thankful for our former living situation and we’re glad it went so well, but let me tell you, it is good to have a little more space!  kenton and karissa moved into their new house almost a week ago, and we’ve been slowly settling into this house; bringing stuff down from the attic and up from storage in the basement and over from storage in lenny and christina’s basement…it’s been fun and tiring too.

mayah got to stay up a little late tonight.  our church had a feast of ascension that started at 7 pm (yay, just in time for me to feel like passing out from hunger and mayah to be getting ready to eat and go to bed!) and kirk was playing piano during the service part of it, so we went and ate and stayed for part of the service.  kirk is still there, actually, tickling the ivories, as it were.  mayah is now in bed, but seems to be trying hard not to sleep.  she can now sit herself up, which makes being in her crib more fun…or just makes it harder to fall asleep…or both.  she’s not crying or anything; she just lets out these little squeals once in awhile that make me wish i had a video monitor in there to see exactly what she does in her crib.  she’s a week away from being 7 months old, by the way.  she’s been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth like she wants to crawl for several weeks now, but so far no crawling.  i’ve just been hoping that she would wait to start crawling until we got out of the attic, so we’re good now.

this neighborhood has some kind of horn-honking disease, i think.  i can’t get over the obnoxiousness of hearing a car horn over and over.  for about 45 seconds just now a horn or car alarm was honking like this * * * — *, * * * — *.  45 seconds of that is just about enough.  don’t even get me started on car alarms that go off regularly.  anyway, who cares, right?

unfortunately, i have no new pictures of mayah or anything else to post.  i have, for some unknown reason, gone on a photo-taking strike, and now all our batteries need to be recharged.  it’s very unfortunate, since my dear roommate from rosedale, angie, and her little family came for a visit today and i couldn’t even take any pictures of the event!  it was so good to see them again.  it had been about 2 1/2 years since we’d seen them, which is way too long.  they were on their way through columbus and stopped and had lunch with us, and karissa, noah and nakeah came too.  thanks for stopping in,  jon, angie and jackson!  i hope it works out again in september.

it’s been a good day!  i’m excited about tomorrow being saturday, aka pancake day!  speaking of pancakes, i highly highly recommend the pancakes at bob evans that have strawberries and bananas and a cream cheese filling between them.  they are so good.  happy weekending, everyone.