happy graduation, babe!

15 06 2009

it’s been one of those mondays that you have to just let out a nice, long sigh of contentment after the activities of the weekend.  all week last week I’ve been planning and working on kirk’s grad party, and barely had time to do anything else.  oh right, there was the small matter of surprising him with tickets to see his parents in spain!!!  yes, I mean we’re going to spain and mayah gets to meet her other grandparents!  thanks to generous gifts from family and friends, we’ll be going at the very end of august to see them.

it was great fun!  at the end of his exams on thursday when he came home, I sent him on a little treasure hunt, which, of course, eventually revealed the big, fat secret that I had been scheming away and finally bought tickets the day before!  i’ll definitely be uploading The Surprise, as I caught it on video.  it was pretty fun.

and the party was so much fun for us last night!  we counted 39 friends that showed up throughout the evening, and we had such a great time with all of them.  thanks to everyone who could make it; we loved having each of you here.  we hung out in the backyard and listened to the lovely playlist that dj kirk took great pleasure in putting together (i could not, for the life of me, tell you when he found time to work on that, but it was pretty high on his list of priorities ☺) and roasted hot dogs for chili dogs and ate wacky cake and drank coffee and just enjoyed the company of our wonderful friends.  maybe I should just call them ‘fire-roasted chili dogs,’ because doesn’t that sound fancier?  and fancier is what I want to be, you know.

unfortunately, we left our camera in indiana when we were out for jeremy and janell’s wedding the day before, so we didn’t get many pictures.  in fact, the only one we have is one that kenton took with his phone, which I’ll include in this post.

so yeah, we went out to middlebury for the wedding on saturday morning, the wedding was in the evening, we spent the night at our neighbor/friend angie’s parent’s place, and then left yesterday morning for home.  as soon as we got back we started madly getting all the last-minute things ready for the party (with a lot of help from lenny and christina!), and then we sat back and let the fun begin.  something like that, anyway!

kirk’s grad ceremony was actually yesterday, but he decided against trying to squeeze that in with the wedding and everything.  he wasn’t sad or anything about not being there, and i think it was the right decision for the busy weekend.  besides, he still graduated, and that’s what matters!

kirk is working this morning (still doing interpreting), mayah’s taking her morning nap, and I’m just have a monday of recovery.  which will probably include some laundry and cleaning of very dirty floors.  tonight kirk has an earlier soccer game, so we’ll be able to go too, which is always fun!

and this is where I insert that nice, long sigh of contentment.  not because life is perfect; just because life is good.

gradpartylike my decorating job, rhonda? 🙂