the vultures of serendipity

27 07 2009

i was inspired to post something because we had some very special visitors today for lunch, but now i really don’t feel like uploading the proof from the camera. ūüôā¬† i do have a pretty good excuse, though.¬† first of all, we got back from CMC conference in iowa last night and were pretty tired out from the weekend and the trip and everything.¬† then, i got up this morning about an hour early because i needed to get some things done, and couldn’t sleep anymore.¬† i have a hard time trusting myself when i’m half sleeping, so if i just halfway wake up and decide that i’d better get up or there’s NO WAY i’ll ever have enough time to do whatever i need to get done, i just cannot sleep well.¬† it’s really annoying!¬† but an hour early’s not too bad, so i just got up and got a few things done before mayah woke up, which was nice.¬† anyway, my grandparents from kansas and my aunt and uncle from virginia were driving through columbus and came for lunch and a very nice couple of hours of visiting!¬† it was great, and, howard, carolyn, granny and pappy: if you read this, please don’t feel bad at all about stopping in today!¬† i was so glad they were able to be here.

anyway, i made a very easy lunch and then relaxed with them and visited, but after they left i think my body just kind of crashed from the weekend.¬† because, wow, i feel awful.¬† my entire body aches and hurts and my eyes burn and i feel so very horrible.¬† i heated up a beanbag thingy that kim made for achy body parts, but i gave up because i can’t decide where to put it.¬† ūüôā¬† i need a full-body beanbag, i guess.

but we had a good time at conference seeing people and doing conferency sorts of things.¬† (please don’t ask what i mean by that, b/c i’m not really sure.)¬† we stayed with david, christina, and maeve and had a great time being recipients of their mad hosting skills.¬† i thought it was fun to watch maeve and mayah interacting!¬† so thanks, dillers, for being great hosts once again.

part of the weekend included being with my old REACH team (2nd one) again, which was really fun!¬† crazy girls.¬† the title of this post is dedicated to them, for sure.¬† and now i have nothing else to report.¬† i guess it’s high time to report on how mayah’s growing and what she’s up to, but that might have to wait until next time.¬† (she’s 9 months old tomorrow…working on walking around by holding on to furniture…looooves gallo pinto, apparently, as i discovered sunday morning at breakfast…and is as sociable as ever.)


it may or may not be funny to the general public

14 07 2009

my poor, hard-working husband played a game of soccer last night, came home and then got an emergency call (he does medical interpreting).¬† so he worked from 11:15 pm until 8:30 am, which is very unusual.¬† he doesn’t usually work at night, nor does he have calls that last that long normally.¬† anyway, he came home and, after breakfast, went to bed.¬† however, he has a 9:30 class, so he decided to sleep until 10:00 and then go to class late.¬† suddenly, at 10:15 i realized i still hadn’t heard him get up, so i thought maybe he expected me to wake him up.¬† so, i went upstairs and this is the conversation we had:

me: babe, it’s time to get up!

kirk (very dazed and sleepy): what happened?

me: it’s 10:15.¬† i think you hit your snooze too many times.

kirk: i don’t remember hitting smooze….

me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (until i cried)

such a mean wife, i know, but it was FUN-ny!¬† even now, as i recall him all scratchy-faced and bleary-eyed talking about hitting poor Smooze, i can’t help but laugh out loud.


9 07 2009

excuse me whilst i go on a video-posting rampage…

sorry, it’s just that i don’t know how to stitch all those clips together into one video, and i don’t want to take time to try and figure it out.¬† by the way, this is how i surprised kirk with a trip to spain as his graduation gift!¬† thanks to gifts from family and friends, we get to take mayah to meet her grandparents in spain at the end of august/early september.¬† thanks again, everyone who helped out with that!

and here’s a couple of mayah since i haven’t posted any pictures or videos of her in quite awhile.

stop judging our toybox! ūüôā

happy july 3rd

3 07 2009

well, i need to report on my birthday since i noticed quite a few comments on facebook were inquiries about my birthday food! ¬†first of all, i got the now-traditional-for-special-days-in-our-house breakfast in bed, which was scrambled eggs with salsa, homemade toast, oj, and coffee. ¬†it tasted really, really good, but i think it was just b/c it was brought to me in bed! ¬†it was a nice way to wake up. ¬†then kirk biked all the way home from school for lunch, which was unexpected, since he usually just stays in between classes. ¬†i thought it was a very sweet surprise; especially since he brought me a bag of lindt dark chocolates!!! ¬†yummo! ¬†i was thinking of making myself a birthday fruit pizza, but…i just didn’t get around to it, and who cares since it was for me anyway? ūüôā ¬†besides, kirk said he can make it for me today–even better! ¬†then we took mayah to our friends’ house for the evening and we went out on a hot date…first, to barley’s for supper, where i got the pierogy¬†and sausage platter…makes my mouth water to think of it. ¬†wow. ¬†it was potato and cheddar pierogies with sauteed onions and browned butter and three kinds of sausage and a big vat of sour cream on the side. ¬†i’m sure it was one of the most unhealthy things i’ve eaten this year, but it was SOOOO GOOOOOD! ¬†so. ¬†good. ¬†what’s that you ask? ¬†wasn’t it served with a vegetable of some sort? ¬†HAHAHAHAHA!!! ¬†yes, onions. ¬†browned in butter. ¬†and just so you know, i ate what i thought was plenty of sour cream with every bite and still barely made a dent in that vat! ¬†then, we headed off to stroll the lovely streets of german village and to partake of the incredible carnegie deli cheesecake from cup o joe. ¬†it was a very fun evening! ¬†my husband is great fun, by the way, and i love him very much.

so, now we made it to july 3rd, which is the day of fireworks in columbus and also the day of trying to convince kirk to go see the fireworks. ¬†wish me luck, for i will need it. ¬†then it sounds like we’ll be hanging out with family/friends tomorrow a bit, watching a firework or two, and maybe eating some grilled food at some point. ¬†something like that anyway. ¬†should be a fun weekend, and maybe the sun will even come out.