(not to be outdone by her sister, robyn…)

18 08 2009

as robyn pointed out on her blog in such a sweet and wonderfully sisterly fashion, it is rhonda’s birthday today.  so, happy birthday, rhonda!  and i noticed that robyn posted 2 pictures of them together, and i thought, hmm, i should browse through our pictures to see what good and/or blackmail-esque photos i can come up with of rhonda.  iPhoto has a nifty little feature where you identify a picture of someone, attaching their name to the picture, and then it will search all your other photos for other pictures of that person.  so, i searched for pictures of rhonda, and there were some that were correct, like this one


but then, it came up with this one, and picked out sarah (3rd from right) as rhonda, which is interesting since she is our cousin’s daughter and i think we’ve even noticed before that they kind of resemble each other…


but then, and i’m not making this up, iPhoto really showed off it’s skills by choosing this photo…


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  anyone have any speculation about rhonda resembling mayah in this picture?

once again, happy birthday, rhonda!  i love and miss you lots and hope you had/are having a wonderful birthday filled with good food and lots of delicious cake!

btw, thanks everyone, for the advice you gave on my last post!  i’m sure i’ll be posting how it goes later on.



14 08 2009

does anyone have any awesome traveling tips for traveling with a 10-month-old on an airplane?  we’ll be going to spain…i forget how long the flight is, but since it’s longer than 5 seconds i’m bracing myself.  anyway, any helpful tips would be awesome!

some new tricks

12 08 2009

she’s been saying different variations of “daddy” and “mama” for about 2 months now, but she definitely says “daddy” more often.  “hi” is by far her favorite word right now, but she just started saying “bye” and waving with her hand like that.  her wave for “hi” is a little different, but i couldn’t get her to do it on the video.  she’s been crawling and giving kisses since about 7 months, and now she’s walking with our help whenever she can.  so far she doesn’t seem interested in trying to walk on her own, but let’s not rush things.  she has her two bottom teeth (since 7 1/2 and 8 months), and now her two top teeth are looking like they’re about to push through.  she also enjoys dragging a toy in each hand as she crawls, and gives kisses to her stuffed animals.

there.  i may be behind in writing in her baby book, but at least now i can always come back to this post to get The Facts, as it were.  per se, etc.

and that is what the little papaya is up to these days!

enduring hardship

10 08 2009

Enduring Hardship by Joshua Weir

I know this is the type of thing that is really easy to skim and then ignore, but this is an excellent sermon that I highly, highly recommend. If you go to our church’s website you can also hear this past Sunday’s sermon, which was really good as well. The address is http://www.villagevineyard.org. Let me know what you think! I just feel that it’s a very important message for us to hear.