Spain, Part Awesome

21 09 2009

okay, it’s definitely time for the latest installment before i start forgetting what all we did!

on thursday we rented a car and all drove up to a region called Las Alpujarras, which was beautiful!  we went to one of the cute little towns, Bubion (sorry, i don’t know how to do the accent mark on here…) and had lunch and then said good bye to pablo, judi….and mayah!  they took her back home and kirk and i spent almost 24 hours by ourselves as part of our 5th anniversary celebration.  our anniversary was august 20, but we were planning this little getaway already then.  it was really, really fun!  we did some hiking from one little white-washed town to another, had a nice time at a tiny little restaurant, and just enjoyed being with each other and talking.  and the sleeping in wasn’t so bad either!  on our first hike, the evening we got there, we were on our way back down to Bubion when we found a fig tree that still had lots of ripe figs on it!  and they were the green ones, which i discovered i like better.  anyway, i thought it was pretty awesome to pick a bunch of figs and eat them as we hiked.  YUMMM!  the next day pablo and judi and mayah came back and picked us up and we drove back to Granada together.  mayah had a great time with them, and didn’t really seem to miss us at all!  oh well.  our feelings weren’t hurt; we were just glad she got some quality time with nana and buelo.

shortly after we got back, our luggage was (FINALLY) delivered to our door!!!  so, just to recap: we were w/o our lugguge monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and most of friday!  wow, good thing we spent so much time and effort carefully planning and packing all our clothes and other stuff for the trip!  kind of annoying.  i can’t even begin to explain the runaround we were given on the phone with the airline people and all the very “firm” talking we (especially judi 🙂 had to do to get them to do anything about our missing luggage.  now that was frustrating!  but anyway, we got it in the end!  that evening we went to hear a german choir sing in the cathedral.  unfortunately, the municipal band of Granada decided to perform that very same evening in the courtyard right outside the door, much to the priest’s complete dismay.  the priest was very distraught and had the idea that we could all walk “as a united family” to a monestary which was about 10 minutes away.  so we did!  and we got to see another impressive old building that we would have otherwise had to pay to get in to see!  it was kind of cool that it worked out that way.

on saturday, we took various things from our newly-arrived luggage and packed them into one carry-on per person for our trip to morocco!  we were flying Ryanair from Seville to Fez, so we were taking only carry-ons.  we enjoyed more churros con chocolate for breakfast and then headed out for Seville a little later on.  kirk really, really wanted to see the cathedral in Seville, but we arrived after it had already closed for the day.  the best we could do was see one of the chapels that was open for a wedding that was going on.  so, instead of touring the cathedral, we saw the Plaza de Espana and then later met up with a friend of pablo and judi’s and had some tapas before heading back to our hotel for the night.

IMG_0979one of the cute little towns in the alpujarras

IMG_1014this is the little garden terrace thing outside of our hostel where we ate our breakfast.  good breakfast, great view!

IMG_1082Plaza de Espana


Spain, Part Deux

14 09 2009

ok, i would rather be taking a nap right now (it’s jet lag, i’m telling you!), but i’ll keep plugging away at this.  i know i’ll be glad later if i do…

on tuesday we walked around Granada a lot and went through the cathedral.  we also hiked up to Sacramonte (where there are cave houses) and made it to the San Nicolas lookout in the Albaicin in time to see the sunset.  we had been planning to go to a certain place for supper, but b/c it was so late and mayah was sooo tired we just stopped and got shwarma at a little place on the way home.  while we were standing there waiting for it, mayah fell asleep in the snugli.  i was carrying her, and had thought she was about to fall asleep so many times!  finally we were holding still, and there was nothing new to see anymore so she gave up and fell asleep.  oh yeah, still no luggage.

on wednesday, kirk joined his dad and the seven other guys that hike together every wednesday morning.  they had a great time, apparently, showing kirk the wonders of their beloved granada!  meanwhile, judi, mayah and i went out for a little breakfast down the street, and then walked around (yes, we walked a lot throughout the trip) and did some shopping.  that evening we took a bus up a ways and then and hiked to a little town where we met some of pablo and judi’s friends for tapas.  oh yeah, still no luggage.

more later…

IMG_0733mayah’s first taste of churros con chocolate after visiting the cathedral

IMG_0748a cave house

IMG_0791yes, that’s the Alhambra behind us!  we didn’t tour it this time since we’d been there last time we were in spain.  also, we didn’t try to all wear green; those are the clothes we happened to pack in the carry on “in case” our luggage should get lost.

IMG_0907kirk’s hike with the old guys

IMG_0941for some reason mayah was very fascinated by nana’s friend, maria!  also, it was chilly up in that little town that evening, hence the snuggling with nana.

Spain, Part 1

13 09 2009

well, we’re back from our big trip!  it all went quite well, and we had a magnificent time roaming about.  we first flew to philly from here, and we were taking off about the time mayah normally wakes up from her afternoon nap.  she hadn’t slept at all, so she was beyond tired by that point.  kirk held her and forced her to lie still until she finally gave up and fell asleep.  there was a few minutes of crying, much to the horror of about 90% of the plane’s passengers (as far as i could tell) and then she was out for the flight.  btw, that 90% included kirk and i, being the new, overly-sensitive parents that we can be.  so the next leg of the trip was The Big One from philly to lisbon, portugal.  thankfully, it was through the night and it was only about 7 hours.  for that “going to sleep” episode, since we were still recovering from the horror of the last one, we decided to just let her go and decide on her own when she was tired enough to go to sleep.  HAHAHAHA!  yes, it was worse, because she bounced around deliriously on the empty seat between kirk and i; crazily trying to climb up the back of the seat, until she was so tired that she just started crying/screaming and trying to still stay awake.  it was not pretty.  so i forced her to lie still until she fell asleep.  and that, my friends, is how she went to sleep on planes from then on. (with one exception, but that story’s for another time.)  so, she slept between 5 and 6 hours on that flight, while kirk and i slept maybe 2.

our flight had been about an hour late leaving philly, so we just barely made our little twin-propeller flight from lisbon to malaga, spain.  upon arriving in malaga, we discovered that our luggage had not been so fortunate to make it all the way across the airport to catch the same flight as we had.  too bad.  i wasn’t worried at all though, b/c i’ve had lost luggage before and it always gets delivered the next day.  plus, i had insisted that we pack an extra outfit in the carry-on, and most of mayah’s stuff was packed in the carry-ons, so…no problem, right?  by the by, that was the one flight where, b/c it was so short, we didn’t expect mayah to sleep, but as we were landing and everyone was gearing up to get off the plane, she fell asleep.  it was blazing hot outside, but somehow she stayed asleep all the way across the tarmac and slept the whole time kirk was working out the luggage situation and then she woke up…

…just in time to meet Nana and Buelo (as in “abuelo,” for those unfamiliar with spanish)!  it was quite exciting for all of us.  after the little reunion, we headed off in the rental car for their home in granada.  i think kirk and i got at least a little sleep on the way there, and mayah fell asleep and ended up sleeping in the car seat about an hour longer after we got to their apartment.  we went out walking later on and then went out for tapas eventually.

thus concludes the first part of the recounting of our trip to spain.  hopefully i will get around to writing more about the trip later.