Please Be Gentle, Monday

7 12 2009

So far Monday’s not complying with my request.  Although we did wake up to snow falling, which made me happy!  I think I’ll have to bake some Christmas cookies of some sort today.

Mayah’s been in a terrible mood the past couple of days, although she has little moments of sweetness here and there.  Let’s see, shall I blame teething this time, or save that for another day?  Could it be the perpetually snotty nose she’s had FOREVER?  Maybe she gets dry, itchy skin like I do in the winter.  Perhaps it’s a very small hangnail that is too small to see with the naked eye, but is causing unimaginable affliction and trials of the worst kind for her. I DO NOT KNOW.  But I’m looking forward to the day it passes.  Come quickly, is all I have to say about it.

And now to share one of those little moments of sweetness I was talking about: she sat nicely for several minutes looking at a book and “reading” it out loud with the cutest intonations and expression.  Melt my heart, little one-year-old!

Anyway…I think that’s all for today.  Hang in there, everybody, and remember there’s only one Monday per week.



3 12 2009