Mayah Videos

14 04 2010

Here we have a marathon of videos.  So, make some popcorn and settle in for a good 15 minutes of entertainment.  Not all of them are that terribly amusing, but you can always skip them, of course.  I would write some explanations, but I don’t feel like taking time right now.  Plus, Kirk needs the computer for homework.  Go make some popcorn.


What is This “Blog” You Speak of?

9 04 2010

Yeah really, I don’t remember anymore.  I’m sure my meager fan base has dwindled to about zero by now.  Except that Rachel’s still commenting, so thanks, Rachel!  And she counts for 2 right now, so maybe I have 2 fans?  Maybe the word “fan” is too strong.

So, what have I been filling my hours previously known as “blogging hours” with?  Umm…other stuff…I actually don’t have “blogging hours,” so it’s hard to say.  I did do a Lent fast from doing time-consuming and/or worthless things on the internet, so that was 40 days of good excuses for not blogging, right?  I think so.

Mayah is now 17 months old, which is as hard as every month is to believe.  She is so fun and just loves to talk, or “talk.”  Well, if no one else (besides us) is around, anyway.  She has a whole plethora of animal noises that she makes, and currently is obsessed with mice.  She looks at Goodnight Moon all the time and finds the mouse on the colored pages and points and says “mice!  miiice!  MIIIIICE!”  (something like that)  I’m trying to teach her that mice say “squeak squeak” but you should hear the adorable noise that comes out of her mouth when she tries to imitate me!  So hilarious!  Okay, enough with the motherly gushing, right?

I started working part time as the administrative assistant at our church, and it’s almost entirely from home so I’m really excited about that right now.  What else is new…I don’t know.  Maybe that means I’ve written enough for this time.  Watch out, I’m going to post a lot of videos now.  Some of them are only going to be appreciated by the grandparents, be warned.

Never mind, it’s not working.  I’ll try again later.