It’s Time

26 06 2010

Well here I am, back from the corridors of silence, entering the world of blogging once again.  Too dramatic.  Either way, it’s time to update.  I’ll be honest and just admit why I’ve stayed away for so long.  We took a two-week vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and there was so much to write about that every time I thought about blogging I just felt overwhelmed and like I just didn’t have the time to do it justice.  But, I’ll just give a brief summary and then get on with my life.

So, we drove the 25 hours straight through and arrived to find four very excited (and cute) nieces waiting for us.  And a sister!  Spending time with Robyn and Daryl and the girls was the highlight of the trip, but we did do other fun things too.  I must add that Nova Scotia is very, very pretty.  We saw some outstanding scenery!  We also ate some good food, as is expected at Robyn’s house.  We got to visit Prince Edward Island for a couple of days, which was great!  It was just so beautiful and we had such a great time and then it was hard to leave them, because we live soooo far away and we go at least 6 months between seeing them.  It’s very sad.  But anyway, we really enjoyed our vacation and have lots of great memories and pictures from the trip.  I posted a ton of pictures on Facebook, by the way.

So, we came back to hot, humid Ohio, and I thought it felt pretty good!  Kirk doesn’t really like hot weather, but I kinda like it…as long as there are some fans blowing air around, it’s much more tolerable than an Ohio winter.  Don’t even get me started on winter in Ohio!  I can go on and on and on…

Mayah is growing like a weed, as they say.  It still amazes me to watch a little person develop right before my very eyes.  She is running a lot (such a dainty little run) and putting words together (“two bears!” all the time) and her little body sports this big head of very curly hair.  She’s a fun little thing.

Okay, I think I’m done.  I do have to say that Kirk and I made a killer dinner tonight.  Barbequed chicken, corn casserole, green beans, baked beans, and sweet tea.  I hate to brag, but it was outrageously good.  Anyway, just wanted to spread the joy.  I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am.