Family Night of Internationalisticness

27 09 2010

Last night we were in the mood to get out of the house (okay, fine, I was in the mood) and we decided to visit a relatively new restaurant that we’ve never been to.  It’s called Solay Bistro and we read a tantalizing review about it that sold us both on having to try it.  Thanks to this website we got a $25 coupon for only $2!  We did have to spend $35 total to use it, but still, $12 for $35 of food?  Good.  We loooooved the food!  If you didn’t look at the link, they serve American, Mediterranean, and African food.  We were there for African food, because we love it.  I got a stew called Suqaar with a thin, fried bread, and Kirk got the Mixed Platter, which was lentils, cabbage, spinach, goat and salad on injeera (Ethiopian bread).  We actually shared it all, and it was all really, really good.  It was the best goat I’ve ever had.  Strangely enough, Mayah, the Bread Queen, was into salad last night!  She normally does not know what to do with lettuce, but she ate salad like a champ for some reason.  It was spring mix with spinach.  I need to remember that.  We also tried their mango lassi and their banana nut lassi, and the sambusa appetizer.  Just for the record.

After that, we went and experienced the Somali Mall, which we’ve been curious about for awhile now but never went.  It’s a part of a strip mall that has been made into a separate mall area with all African stores and restaurants.  It was cool to see!  We were the only non-Africans in there. 🙂

Then we headed over to La Michoacana (Mexican grocery) to get a bottle of our beloved Salsa Lizano.  We just recently learned that it is one (or maybe the only) place in Columbus you can still find it.  Yum.  So, it turned into international family night, I guess.  Which was really fun, by the way.

I didn’t take any pictures.  Sorry.


Awesome Food Night

17 09 2010

I’m back!  Well, maybe.  In any case, I just had to post something about our grand success today.  Kirk and I had this idea to make Friday nights Awesome Food Night in our house.  I mean, we always try to make good food, but we thought Fridays could be when we make something at least kind of special…the idea is to put a little more effort into it.  And since we love to cook and we love to eat, it will be a great way to start our weekend.  I’m not silly enough to think that we will accomplish this every Friday night, but we did it at least once now!  Tonight we grilled steak, sauteed mushrooms in butter, wine, and garlic, fried butternut squash in butter, and made grilled pesto bruschetta (inspiration from Renee).  And had apple dumplings and ice cream for dessert.  Oh, I almost forgot my last minute addition to the meal: homemade fries!  Yummo.  It was kind of a random meal, but it was very delicious.  The bruschetta was the star of the show, with everything else as a very close 2nd, I would say.  The squash was from Kenton’s garden, and the tomatoes were from…OUR GARDEN!!!  We thought our poor little garden was not going to produce anything for all our work, but lo and behold, in the last few days the tomatoes started ripening!  It’s a miracle.  I had Kirk take a picture of the food while I was finishing the fries, and he neglected to put any fries on the plate.  Just imagine them.  Anyway, just thought I’d share the fun.

Here’s a couple recent ones of Mayah Papaya.

She is such a little mother!

Multitasking. 🙂

Just reading, of course.  Notice the well-worn pictures of the Slaubaugh relatives.  It’s actually kept with her toys.

Coloring with Nana.