Mayah’s 2nd Birthday

1 11 2010

I have more to say, so I’m just going to go ahead and post for the second time today!  I know, crazy!  Maybe I’ll do a third post before the day is over…who knows?

Well, my little baby Mayah turned a whopping 2 years old on the 28th!  I was surprised at the nostalgic feelings I had while putting her to bed the night before.  I kept hearing myself say things like “This is the last night you will be 1 year old…” the very thing my mom used to say before every birthday we had.  I always thought that was exciting, but now I think maybe she was lamenting.  I am so glad I have a two-year-old, but I just can’t believe how fast it all goes by!  Anyway, enough of my sentimentality.  Enough already.

We decided just to have family over for a birthday supper, but we accidentally invited Ian & Jubilee over for the same night, not thinking about what we had planned.  Of course, it was a good mistake, and when we realized it, we were glad to know they would get in on the party!  They used to be our housemates, btw, before they went off to lead a Reach team.  So I made pizza and we had good ol’ chips and carrot sticks and apple cider, and then The Monkey Cake and ice cream.  I was looking for an easy idea for a cake the day before (why did I put it off until then? I don’t know, but I didn’t learn my lesson.), and Mayah was looking with me.  When I found the monkey cake, she really liked it and I thought it looked like something even I could pull off.  So, the next day she was all psyched up for her party (“Noah?! ‘Keah?! ‘Vaye?! baby Meemiah?! Kintin?! Keesa?! Nana?! Buelo?! MONKEY CAKE?!?!” “Yes, and Ian & Jubilee (she hadn’t seen them for awhile) and pizza…!” “And monkey cake?!?!” “Yep.”) and the monkey cake, and I decorated it during her nap, and didn’t show her when she woke up.  Maybe I should have.  Anyway, Kirk brought out the cake after we ate pizza, and we all sang loudly to her; first in English, then in Spanish, and by the time we were done, she was a little overwhelmed.  And a little scared of the monkey cake.  Poor thing!  She didn’t eat one bite of it, and she did not want to sit there with it in front of her either.  I got her down, and she sat on Aunt Karissa’s lap while everyone else at monkey cake and ice cream. 🙂  We toned everything down for the unwrapping of presents, and that was not so overwhelming for her.  She got some new toys, books and clothes and seemed to have fun the rest of the time.  I think she would have stayed up all night playing with her new kitchen if we would have let her!  The next morning, when I went into her bedroom, she looked up at me and said, “Monkey cake?”  She has asked to see the leftover cake every day since then.  Still hasn’t tasted it.  Oh well, maybe next year she’ll be brave enough to eat her birthday cake!




3 responses

2 11 2010
Kristin Bucher

Oh, Mayah! Only a 2 year old can be SOOOO excited about something to turn around and reject it. 🙂 Maybe she thought the cake would be a real monkey. Thanks for showing pictures. I appreciate it!

17 11 2010

Hey, you blogged again! Wow! Poor Mayah and the monkey cake. It looked fabulous.

20 11 2010

that is a VERY cute cake! how can someone be scared of it? =) I might have to copy this idea for Maverick’s first birthday in a few months!

I was suddenly struck by how funny it is that Karissa’s girls have very modern, hip names and her boys have very old, Biblical names =)

We miss you guys!

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