My Husband is Awesome

8 12 2010

I guess, as usual, it’s been awhile since I’ve hung out over here.  I can tell because I just saw some comments from a looong time ago that I never saw.  And now it’s been so long that I’m not sure how to catch up!  Most of the overwhelmedness comes from thinking of all the new things Mayah says and does these days and wondering how to catch up on reporting on that for those who are interested.  My real inspiration for actually posting something, finally, is because I had quite the evening yesterday.  Let me just go ahead and fill you in, but be warned: it involves some sweet, sugary feelings toward my husband.

Tuesday nights always mean that Kirk leaves for his class at 5:30 pm, and I don’t see him until around 9 pm.  While he’s gone it’s just me and Mayah hanging out; sometimes at home, sometimes taking a trip to The Store to pass the time.  In other news, Kirk has been working like mad to get this huge project done that he had to turn in for his class last night.  I have been not bugging him with my many “What should we…”, “What do you think of…” and “What should we name…” kinds of questions for awhile now, knowing that when this project is over, we’re pretty much home-free as far as school stuff goes and we can discuss stuff then.  ANYWAY.  He came home from work around 3 pm, went up to our room and knocked that project out!!!  I was very excited about that and very excited as he submitted it online and then very confused when he asked me, “If we went on a date at 5:00, how long would it take you to get ready?”  Did I mention it was currently 4:30 pm?  An offer of a date is not something to take lightly, so I said “Ummm…15 minutes?”  I mean, for all I knew he was just really excited about finishing and we were spontaneously going to go to Chipotle or the Pita Hut or maybe McDonalds (I didn’t really think that.  But I would have been okay with it, since I wasn’t expecting to go out at all).  Since I thought he was coming up with this spontaneously, I asked who would take care of Mayah, etc.  At first he kind of acted like it was spontaneous, but then he let me know that his parents were coming to watch her for the evening, and that we should hurry and get ready.

Eventually we found ourselves at a Japanese steakhouse.  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  It wasn’t.  But we had fun and enjoyed the old, cheesy decor, the mediocre food, and the very overpricedness of it.  Let me mention that we even had a Groupon for it, and still felt a little cheated. 🙂  But, like I said, we had fun.  Then he said we were going to do something else, and could I guess what it was?  I guessed we were going to go look at Christmas lights, since I’ve been wanting to do that sometime soon.  He said we were, and we headed off to German Village to behold The Lights.  The lights weren’t very impressive, so we made a stop at Cup O Joe, a very nostalgic coffee shop for us, and shared a most delicious Irish cream latte.  I thought we had a great time, and that our date was ending, when he told me that we have something to go to at 8:00. !!! I guessed it was a movie, knowing we have a Groupon for that too. Then he pulled out some papers, and asked me if I wanted to know what it was, and I said I did.  I thought I already knew that it was movie tickets.  So, I opened them up, and, as I realized what they were, I was VERY surprised and…well, I may or may not have teared up at the sweetness of it all.

Next scene: Kirk and Karla sitting in the back row of the awesome Lincoln Theatre.  Karla, looking dazed, wondering how she got from “gearing up for another normal Tuesday night” to…”waiting for Over the Rhine to take the stage.” 🙂  Then, out pops Karen and Linford and the crew and suddenly I’m listening to Over the Rhine.  Did I mention they were right there?  Playing their music, and singing for my personal enjoyment?  Well, I did personally enjoy it, even if it wasn’t just for me.  So we had an excellently romantic and very fun evening, and I am convinced that no husband has pulled off a better surprise date in the history of the world.  Don’t try to tell me otherwise.  I was very, very impressed.

Okay, other reporting will have to happen later.  Right now it is time for lunch.