Adventures of a Yellow Barrette

8 02 2011

The problem with not blogging very often is that it’s hard to know where to start.  That’s the problem.  But who cares?  I think each post in recent history has started off with some lament of how long it’s been since I last blogged…blah blah blah.  Time to focus.

I have less than three weeks until my due date, friends!  I can hardly believe it’s almost time already.  We’re more or less ready…I’m feeling uncomfortable and fat.  But I’m not in any rush, either!  I mean, the closer we are to spring and warm weather when this baby’s here, the better.  It’s enough of a pain to bundle Mayah up and haul her around in the cold; never mind another small child on top of that.  And being pregnant is keeping me nice and warm this winter, which is great!  Also, we have some more rearranging to do in the bedroom and other things that need to be done before we’re really, really ready for her.  I’m really excited to meet her, though, and hang out with her and stuff.  I might as well be excited about hanging out, because that’s what’s happening for the next while!  You know, lots of breastfeeding and diaper changing and stuff like that.

On Sunday, when Mayah woke up from her nap, she was missing a barrette.  She had two ponytails and two barrettes, and when I went in her room, she had pulled everything out of her hair and was playing with it.  Usually we take her barrettes out for sleeping, but…someone forgot this time (I love you!).  I asked her where it was, and she said it was in her mouth.  So I asked her to show me, and she opened up her mouth to show me it was empty.  She insisted it was in her mouth, but she didn’t know where it was currently.  “Did you swallow it?”  “Yeah.”  “Did you eat it?”  “Yeah.”  So…is she just saying “yeah” because she feels like saying “yeah,” or does she understand my question?  The barrette is slightly longer than an inch, by the way, made of metal, the kind that snaps open and closed, and has a little flower on one end.  Since she was eating and drinking fine and it didn’t seem to affect her voice, we were advised to watch for it in her poop for the next 48 hours, and if it didn’t show up, to take her in to see if it’s really in there.  The 48 hours were ending today after her nap, and we had checked 3 times (GROSS!!!) and found nothing.  I was not looking forward to taking her in after her nap!  Thankfully, between lunch and her naptime…well, I found it.  There it was…like a…barrette in a pile of crap.  She actually swallowed it!!!  How she did not choke on it is beyond me, but I’m really thankful she didn’t.  And I’ve never been so glad to see such a gross sight as a barrette covered in poop.

I’m so stinking tired…I better go sleep while I can.