Now Let’s Think This Through…

31 08 2011

Do I want to go to the park today?

First, I have to pack a lunch.
Then I have to pack up the diaper bag.
Then I have to wake Sofia up early from her nap.
Then I have to load up both girls in the car.
Soon after we get to the park, I will have to feed Sofia.
Then it will be time for lunch, and I’ll have a wiggly almost-3-year-old to convince it’s time to not play and eat, at least a little bit.
Then I will feed solids to Sofia.
She takes a long time.
She is extremely messy, so it will take some effort and a lot of wipes to clean us both up (yes, she’s that messy).
Soon after that, it will be time to pack up and head home.
The girls will fall asleep in their car seats.
I will have to carry two sleeping girls into the house.
The naps they have in the car will very likely spoil their real naps.
I will probably get nothing done in the afternoon that I have planned because they will be awake.
They will be grouchy all evening because they didn’t get good naps.
I might be grouchy.
This doesn’t even include all the unforeseen things that could happen.

Is it worth it?

Sunshine, friends, exercise…character building…

Why am I sitting here? I should be packing up for the park.