Awesome Food Night

17 09 2010

I’m back!  Well, maybe.  In any case, I just had to post something about our grand success today.  Kirk and I had this idea to make Friday nights Awesome Food Night in our house.  I mean, we always try to make good food, but we thought Fridays could be when we make something at least kind of special…the idea is to put a little more effort into it.  And since we love to cook and we love to eat, it will be a great way to start our weekend.  I’m not silly enough to think that we will accomplish this every Friday night, but we did it at least once now!  Tonight we grilled steak, sauteed mushrooms in butter, wine, and garlic, fried butternut squash in butter, and made grilled pesto bruschetta (inspiration from Renee).  And had apple dumplings and ice cream for dessert.  Oh, I almost forgot my last minute addition to the meal: homemade fries!  Yummo.  It was kind of a random meal, but it was very delicious.  The bruschetta was the star of the show, with everything else as a very close 2nd, I would say.  The squash was from Kenton’s garden, and the tomatoes were from…OUR GARDEN!!!  We thought our poor little garden was not going to produce anything for all our work, but lo and behold, in the last few days the tomatoes started ripening!  It’s a miracle.  I had Kirk take a picture of the food while I was finishing the fries, and he neglected to put any fries on the plate.  Just imagine them.  Anyway, just thought I’d share the fun.

Here’s a couple recent ones of Mayah Papaya.

She is such a little mother!

Multitasking. 🙂

Just reading, of course.  Notice the well-worn pictures of the Slaubaugh relatives.  It’s actually kept with her toys.

Coloring with Nana.


What I Forgot to Write…

7 07 2010

And when you hear it, you’ll wonder how I ever forgot to include this in my last post.  It was indeed my birthday this past Friday, and, since I was entering a new decade, Kirk decided to make it a good one.  I mean a really good one.  He told me that we were going out for breakfast that morning, which is one of my favorite things to do.  So, Ian and Jubilee (our housemates) arose bright and early to take care of Mayah, and we headed off for First Watch.  So I thought.  But suddenly! Kirk made a wrong turn…but it wasn’t a wrong turn after all, because we were going to Tasi, a place we’ve been wanting to try for awhile.  Okay, so this is all fun and a cute little surprise and whatnot, but then we walk through the door and behold! my sister Kim is sitting there with her suitcase!  Oh my, it was a big surprise.  It would have been heart-attack material except that I had accidentally seen a few hints that something was going down on Kirk’s school email account.  For all the things I thought might happen, I did not imagine seeing Kim when we walked in there.  So, mission accomplished for Kirk.  Man, that was fun!

Then we went home and got ready for camping, which we sure did from Friday night to Sunday morning.  We went with Kenton and Karissa and family and we had a great time.  Friday night was yet another surprise for me.  Kirk had spent a good bit of the day working with Karissa on a birthday meal for me.  We were supposed to have hobo dinners for supper, but I was informed that we would have them the next day instead and not to worry about supper.  Also, my cousin Delores and family (minus one) joined us for our delicious meal, which was fun!  And what did we eat, you might ask.  Kirk made some delicious, hefty burgers, and then also made different toppings for them: sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, guacamole, and then cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo/bbq sauce.  Wow, they were soooooo good!!!  We also had grilled sweet potato slabs.  And Kim had made a lemon cake before we left, which was very good as well.

Kim stayed until Tuesday morning, and we had a great time together, of course.  We had to visit Jeni’s to eat the best ice cream we’ve ever tasted, and other than that, we just played games (no wait, we only played one) and talked.  And Mayah got to spend some time with her Auntie Kim, so that was great.

I just want to say that, if it wasn’t obvious already, my husband did a fantastic job of celebrating my birthday this year, and I really appreciated all the effort and heart he put into it.  You are awesome, babe!  And Kim was such a good sport to just show up and hang out and sacrifice some time she could’ve spent with her husband instead…thanks again, Kimmie!  And I want to thank the Academy, and my three-legged dog, Rufus, and…

Quick One

6 07 2010

Well, Marcia, it’s working (at least this time).  Oh wow, I have some other things I should be doing, but I’m here for now (tee hee, ha ha…) so I might as well write something.  So, Marci asked how Mayah’s doing being raised in a bilingual household.  For those who are unaware, Kirk only speaks Spanish to her.  I am obviously with her more since I stay at home and he leaves for work, so English definitely has the advantage.  However, she responds very well to him and says some things in Spanish.  Water is always agua, bear is sometimes oso, and she knows animals and body parts in Spanish (and English).  Those are the things that come to mind right now…there may be more.  Anyway, she’s definitely learning and understands pretty well, and I don’t think it has slowed her down on talking at all.  I mean, I guess it may have slowed her down, but she talks plenty.  I’m really glad I insisted that Kirk follow through with the plan, even when he felt really unnatural doing it at first.  Now it’s just totally normal for him to speak Spanish to her, so…it seems to be working!

Okay, now I really need to do something productive-er.

It’s Time

26 06 2010

Well here I am, back from the corridors of silence, entering the world of blogging once again.  Too dramatic.  Either way, it’s time to update.  I’ll be honest and just admit why I’ve stayed away for so long.  We took a two-week vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and there was so much to write about that every time I thought about blogging I just felt overwhelmed and like I just didn’t have the time to do it justice.  But, I’ll just give a brief summary and then get on with my life.

So, we drove the 25 hours straight through and arrived to find four very excited (and cute) nieces waiting for us.  And a sister!  Spending time with Robyn and Daryl and the girls was the highlight of the trip, but we did do other fun things too.  I must add that Nova Scotia is very, very pretty.  We saw some outstanding scenery!  We also ate some good food, as is expected at Robyn’s house.  We got to visit Prince Edward Island for a couple of days, which was great!  It was just so beautiful and we had such a great time and then it was hard to leave them, because we live soooo far away and we go at least 6 months between seeing them.  It’s very sad.  But anyway, we really enjoyed our vacation and have lots of great memories and pictures from the trip.  I posted a ton of pictures on Facebook, by the way.

So, we came back to hot, humid Ohio, and I thought it felt pretty good!  Kirk doesn’t really like hot weather, but I kinda like it…as long as there are some fans blowing air around, it’s much more tolerable than an Ohio winter.  Don’t even get me started on winter in Ohio!  I can go on and on and on…

Mayah is growing like a weed, as they say.  It still amazes me to watch a little person develop right before my very eyes.  She is running a lot (such a dainty little run) and putting words together (“two bears!” all the time) and her little body sports this big head of very curly hair.  She’s a fun little thing.

Okay, I think I’m done.  I do have to say that Kirk and I made a killer dinner tonight.  Barbequed chicken, corn casserole, green beans, baked beans, and sweet tea.  I hate to brag, but it was outrageously good.  Anyway, just wanted to spread the joy.  I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am.

Mayah Videos

14 04 2010

Here we have a marathon of videos.  So, make some popcorn and settle in for a good 15 minutes of entertainment.  Not all of them are that terribly amusing, but you can always skip them, of course.  I would write some explanations, but I don’t feel like taking time right now.  Plus, Kirk needs the computer for homework.  Go make some popcorn.

What is This “Blog” You Speak of?

9 04 2010

Yeah really, I don’t remember anymore.  I’m sure my meager fan base has dwindled to about zero by now.  Except that Rachel’s still commenting, so thanks, Rachel!  And she counts for 2 right now, so maybe I have 2 fans?  Maybe the word “fan” is too strong.

So, what have I been filling my hours previously known as “blogging hours” with?  Umm…other stuff…I actually don’t have “blogging hours,” so it’s hard to say.  I did do a Lent fast from doing time-consuming and/or worthless things on the internet, so that was 40 days of good excuses for not blogging, right?  I think so.

Mayah is now 17 months old, which is as hard as every month is to believe.  She is so fun and just loves to talk, or “talk.”  Well, if no one else (besides us) is around, anyway.  She has a whole plethora of animal noises that she makes, and currently is obsessed with mice.  She looks at Goodnight Moon all the time and finds the mouse on the colored pages and points and says “mice!  miiice!  MIIIIICE!”  (something like that)  I’m trying to teach her that mice say “squeak squeak” but you should hear the adorable noise that comes out of her mouth when she tries to imitate me!  So hilarious!  Okay, enough with the motherly gushing, right?

I started working part time as the administrative assistant at our church, and it’s almost entirely from home so I’m really excited about that right now.  What else is new…I don’t know.  Maybe that means I’ve written enough for this time.  Watch out, I’m going to post a lot of videos now.  Some of them are only going to be appreciated by the grandparents, be warned.

Never mind, it’s not working.  I’ll try again later.

A Little Late…

31 01 2010

Mayah was 15 months old on the 28th, and I meant to do this then and never got around to it.  That was a busy day.  Anyway, here’s some pictures I took of her that day…no time to write this morning.  What’s new, right? 🙂